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BB cream SPF30, is an innovative face cream with multiple skin care and makeup benefits in one. Great for all skin types, especially for light-colored and sensitive skins, works as a moisturizer, light foundation and sunscreen protector. Enriched with hydrating (D-Panthenol, Argan Oil), anti-wrinkling (Sodium Hyaluronate) and revitalizing (Aloe Vera Organic) factors, and also a perfect combination of sunscreen filters and antioxidant ingredients, BB cream does it all: treats with high levels of active skin care ingredients, moisturizes and smoothes dehydrated skin, perfects skin’s surface, color corrects the skin tone, protects skin from the sun and helps prevent future signs of discoloration caused by the sun.  It contains a special bio polymer that provides a strong waterproof and invisible protective film. It spreads easily, giving glowing skin without the sense of greasiness.


BB Blemish Balm Face Cream Smooth Touch 30SPF 50ml

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